Warming up for Zumba class

In every Zumba class that is worth its salt, there is a warming. Usually do not begin a class directly with a choreography, if not that devotes a little bit of time for the class to the warming. In this heating made simple movements of aerobics, and some more movement own fitness (for something called Zumba Fitness, no?). These movements serve to let the body warm up gradually, naturally, and so avoid injuries.

See warm-up for Zumba class

How is a warm up in Zumba?

Here's a video with a warm-up for Zumba 6 minutes. See video:

After warming up, starts with the songs. Here I leave some songs Zumba Video for you to practise from home.

  • Bailando, of Enrique Iglesias
  • Zumba Candy, Plan B
  • To give you a kiss, bachata, Zumba
  • Follow me and I follow you
  • Limbo
  • The Taxi
  • Forgiveness, of Enrique Iglesias
  • Zumba Puppet
  • Caipirinha
  • Zumba fire

Remember, the best way to dance Zumba is to attend a collective class, taught by a certified instructor Zumba official, where in addition you will have fun with more people. You can find a Zumba class near your home in his official website: www.zumba.com.

Don't forget to stretch at the end of dance to all these songs. If, in addition, you've been most looking forward to dancing Zumba, don't miss this Zumba Master Class in 20 minutes of Jessica Mellet.