&are you;Qué is an acai bowl?

The açai bowls or bowls acai berry are one of the trends of the moment. Have you seen any photo in the networks of eye-catching bowls decorated with fruit?

The breakfast or healthy snack in the fashionable social networks, particularly on Instagram, are without a doubt the bowls acai or ai bowl. In this post we will learn more about these preparations full of antioxidants and vitamins. What are they? What are the fruit that lead? What benefits can bring to our health?

What are acai berries and what are they for

The acai (or acai) is a fruit from a palm tree (specifically the variety of palm tree Açaizero, a native of Brazil). This berry is dark purple and belongs to the family of red fruits. Is a look similar to blueberries or blackberries, and is considered a superfood thanks to its nutritional values.

Taking Acai our body is receiving large amounts of antioxidants, plus calcium, high biological value proteins, healthy fatty acids and fiber, among others.

These nutritional properties make these plates an excellent choice to start the day or as a snack. I propose acai Barcelona if you want to try one of these delicious that are prepared with fruit.

Do youwhy they call Açai Bowl? The Acai berry is a superfood and is therefore the main ingredient of this type of preparations, hence they take their name.

What are the Açai Bowl?

The Acai Bowl have a cream that is obtained from the mixture as the main ingredient the fruit of the açai berry along with other fruit or yogurt, coconut milk, etc...

To this cream is added as a topping to other ingredients above tend to be more fruit, nuts, other berries, algae such as spirulina or seeds. The result is a bowl full of nutrients that works well at any time of the day and whose possibilities are endless. Any time is perfect to take a bowl of acai. If you want to test, I leave a place where buy acai in Barcelona.

Benefits of acai

The Açai Bowls are preparations healthy, saciantes and nutritious. They are the ideal breakfast to begin our daily activities full of energy or as a healthy snack. Large supply of energy that this berry is highly valued by athletes of different disciplines.

Below we list 10 benefits of taking the fruit acai:

  1. Strengthens the immune system
  2. It prevents cardiovascular diseases
  3. Provides energy
  4. Satiating effect that helps us to lose weight, avoiding the “pecking”
  5. Improves the digestive function
  6. Accelerates the metabolism, helping to burn fat
  7. Improves the appearance of the skin thanks to its antioxidants
  8. It is a natural anti-inflammatory
  9. It is an excellent source of proteins of high biological value
  10. Does not generate insulin spikes

Nutritional properties

The berries of acai are famous for their antioxidant. Contains vitamins A, C, E and vitamins of group B. in Addition to all these vitamins, it also contains tannins, a natural chemical that the body makes and takes as a potent antioxidant.

1. Antioxidants
2. Proteins
3. Vitamins: A, C and group B
4. Minerals
5. Essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6)

Did you even know as the fruit of acai? Have you ever tried a bowl of this type? If you have already tried it, leave a comment and tell us about your experience.