Guía to have flat abdomen

If you're looking for tips to remove the belly definitely and get a flat belly, you've come to the right place. With this guide in order to have the flat abdomen, you can do it, the only thing you have to do is follow these tips and be a little consistent. We leave you a series of steps or tips, try to meet the more possible to get close to the goal.

Guide to have flat abdomen

Before you begin with the tips in this guide to have the flat abdomen you have to see two key points, these are: the goal and the starting point.

The starting point

Let's be realistic, a person with a little bit of belly fat, and another person with obesity, who want to have a flat abdomen, do not begin from the same starting point. It is so, and that no one be offended, we do not intend to discriminate against anyone. We just say that one of those people will need more time than the other to get a flat abdomen.

Not to be discouraged, to have on record, and setting small goals in a realistic and progressive, are the keys to success to have a flat abdomen.

Have a realistic goal

Set a realistic goal, taking into account the starting point, what is most important for success. If your starting point is too far from the goal, surely you need some help, as you can be a professional that will help you with the topic of the diet, as it can be a nutritionist or a endocrine, and also someone to help with the physical part, as you can be a fitness coach or a personal trainer.

Realistic goals, consistency, and time.

Steps to get flat abdomen

This small guide to have the flat belly is basically made of three things:

  • A healthy diet
  • Do cardio to remove belly fat
  • Tonifcar the abdomen by using abdominal exercises

1. Power

If we take into account that to have a flat belly three points, and these are diet, cardio and abdominal exercises (toning), the power is almost the most important of the three. Create a small caloric deficit, for this you have to ingest calories below expenditure. It is best that you consult a professional who will advertise a "diet" or you "teach" to eat healthy.

In general lines, in order to lead a healthy diet, you must avoid these foods:

  • Refined sugars in general. Take a look at: such as leaving the sugars
  • Unhealthy fats, such as palm
  • Processed foods or ultraprocesados
  • Precooked foods (which go up up of salts, fats and sugars)

Instead, it includes the following:

  • Fresh food, that you can cook you
  • Many vegetables, either raw or cooked
  • Fruit
  • Water

This is not to take a strict diet that does not allow you to eat anything. It is in ir by changing habits, "bad", for other healthier habits, small changes are added together. Nothing serves a restrictive diet carried on for a time, if then we're going to go back to bad habits. So we have not done anything.

We have to "learn to eat" changing habits little by little. In this way we do not need to have a diet that will make us go hungry. We will be nourished and sated with good food, full of nutrients.

Be swollen by intolerance

Keep in mind that in some cases the swollen abdomen can be caused because of some food intolerance. If you think that may be your case, seek out a professional that will help you to discover what are those foods that are causing the swelling.

Eat for anxiety

In times that we are stressed, or if we suffer anxiety, it is common to have a false sense of hunger that drives us to snacking, we want food all the time. If you feel that you have anxiety, visit your doctor.

You can also try Yoga to improve anxiety, ejerccios breathing or relaxations guided. On platforms such as YouTube you can find many audios and videos with relaxation techniques and guided meditations.

2. Cardio

To remove the layer of abdominal fat it is necessary to do some cardio. The cardio is the best exercise to remove fat (both of the abdomen, as in other parts of the body). You have a lot of options, many different activities that will help you to burn fat.

But do not neglect the previous point, to achieve the objective you should take care of your feeding, carried from a point of view healthy, without starving.

Fracasarás if....

... you do cardio, but after you "premium" with junk food, pastries, or candy... it Is realistic.

What exercises can you do?

There are plenty of sports that you can do to burn fat. If your thing is the outdoors, you can go for a run or bike ride. If yours are the activities in a room, you can try spinning classes if you like cycling, and other activities as step, aerobics or Zumba if you like the classes choreographed.

You can also try the high intensity training interval (HIIT), this type of training alternating intense cardio with other exercises.

3. Exercises for abdominal

The abdominal exercises will help to tone the muscles of the abdominal binder. It is important to focus on all the muscles of the abdominal area and working the CORE completely to avoid decompensation. Focus only on the rectus abdominis can cause lower back problems, among other things.

The technique of doing abdominal exercises is very important. Errors in the execution can lead to decompensation, postural problems or even injury. If you don't know the technique, ask for help to a professional coach or trainer in your gym.

Combining different types of abs, do abdominal classic abdominal isometrics as iron, and includes the hypopressive abdominal gymnastics in your routines of the abdomen, this last will help you to reduce the perimeter of the waist, improve posture, and work the abdominal binder completely full. To good learning the method for the abdominal method, look for a class taught by a professional properly trained.

Challenges of abdominal

If you meet a challenge of sit-ups it is important for you to keep the motivation and get to have the flat abdomen, here I leave you some of the challenges that we have proposed to our readers. EYE! Makes the challenges only if you know how to do crunches the right way. If you do not know, seek first the advice of a coach. Don't do things in the house the wrong way without knowing the technique.

We offer these challenges to work the abdomen.

  • The challenge of 30 days of the iron abdominal (version 3 minutes). You can also do the challenge in 4 minutes and the 5 minutes of plank.
  • Challenge of sit-ups with fitball
  • Challenge of abdominal oblícuos
  • Challenge of the circuit of crunches (crunch + plank + scissors)

In the challenges section fitness you'll be able to find these challenges and some more.


I often ask at my work if the Pilates slimming. The answer is no, but what you can help Pilates is to tone up the abdomen of a very deep way, from the muscle, the transverse abdominis. Pilates exercises work the abdominal binder full. Some exercises, like the hundred, work very well-the musculature of the abdomen.

As in any workout, the Pilates also has contraindications. Make sure you don't have any injury that prevents you to do it. Please see your Pilates instructor to give you this alternative, in those exercises which you cannot perform.

What you should NOT do

To finish this small guide to have the flat abdomen, I leave you some of the things you must NOT do. Everyone is free to do whatever you want in your home, but often I hear in my work

It is basically just one thing: don'T TAKE SHORTCUTS. Do things well, and with some time you'll get a real result