Body bikini 30 días

With this challenge of exercises you'll have a bikini in 30 days. Operation bikini in a month... The challenge consists of three exercises that work legs, glutes and especially the abdominal. This routine will help you lose weight and tone up. For 30 days the repetitions, and the intensity of the exercises is increasing, so that it is able to reach the goal of a progressive form.

Get a body bikini in 30 days

How to make this challenge bikini? Follow the instructions in the image below, which indicates the number of daily repetitions (or seconds to maintain, in the case of the irons) of the exercises. Here are some data about this challenge bikini:

  • Duration of the challenge fitness: 30 days
  • Difficulty: low / medium
  • Intensity: low / medium
  • Rest days: if, 5 days

Body bikini 30 días

Exercises challenge bikini 30 days

This challenge to get a body bikini in a month consists of 3 exercises.

  • Squat (squats)
  • Crunch abdominal (abs)
  • Plank (plank abdominal)

If you need any help about how to do the exercises for this challenge in the operation bikini, here you have everything you need to do the three exercises conrrectamente: how to do squats, how to do crunch abdominal, and how to do the plank abdominal.

Challenge operation bikini-body bikini in 30 days

Follow the instructions of this challenge body bikini. Keep in mind that the exercises crunch abdominal and squats (squats) are indicated by the number of repetitions. The plank abdominal (plank), is indicated by the number of seconds to maintain the posture.

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Challenge 30 days

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