Training TRX

The training TRX training or suspension, are a series of functional drills that are made subject to a harness, with an anchorage point which allows you to perform exercises for the whole body, using body weight and resistance to gravity, being a full workout.


What does it mean to TRX?

The meaning of the acronym TRX is: Total-body Resistance Exercise, resistance exercises for the entire body. What we call TRX training or suspension: TRX Suspension Training.

What is the training equipment TRX?

The training equipment consists of a harness, anchorage point, adjustable and non-elastic), and two ropes with grips.

What who is this type of training?

Anyone can practice TRX. The training TRX applies not only to athletes, if not many centres for the elderly have included this type of exercises, since it is a safe way to train without fear of falling. The physiotherapists also adapt these exercises to rehabilitation programs. Also many personal trainers will opt for this method of exercise.

The training TRX offers great possibilities to the hour of exercise, from resistance or strength sessions intervaladas (What is interval training?). The types of exercises with TRX can adapt to nearly any person, or physical condition.

Benefits of the TRX

Among the great benefits of training TRX we can highlight the following:

  • Allow you to train large muscle chains
  • Increases muscle strength
  • It improves physical endurance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improves coordination
  • Improves posture

Where to buy TRX

Currently we can find classes of TRX in sports centres and gyms, which have opted for this innovative way to train the entire body and is provided in the form of targeted activity, but also we can buy the equipment to do TRX at home.

I leave here a link to buy, a computer TRX that you can mount anywhere, like at home, or in a park, in the countryside... no need to drill through the roof of the house to put the anchor... (If you want, you can also buy the anchor TRX to the ceiling here).


More information about training suspension TRX...

Now you know another way to train and exercise the whole body, in little space, and with almost infinite possibilities. Here are some more links about the TRX: the Meaning of TRX, What is TRX?, and to finish off a few examples of exercises using TRX.

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