Abs in 10 minutes vídeo

It tones your abs in 10 minutes. The abdomen is one of the areas that head brings to all fitness enthusiasts, is an area tremendously ungrateful, since it requires a lot of perseverance to get it, and then a constant maintenance to preserve it. This routine will help you in just 10 minutes a day, to keep your belly toned and flat.

Abdominal routine of 10 minutes

Luckily, the perseverance and the maintenance of the area of the abdomen is made more bearable thanks to routines like this, just 10 minutes a day, to achieve that flat abs that everyone wants to have.

Video of abs in 10 minutes

Here you have the routine of sit-ups in 10 minutes to follow if you want to have a flat abdomen. Visit our post about how to do crunches if you have doubts about the execution of this exercise.

Do not you fancy? If you lack motivation to do sit-ups at home, maybe you can sign up to the gym, there is currently a great demand of different classes, such as classes express only of crunches, which usually last about 30 minutes and are highly effective, you can also opt for classes in GAP, where tonificarás buttocks, abdominal muscles and legs to the rhythm of music in a fun group class.

Challenges of abs for 30 days

We propose in addition to this abdominal routine of 10 minutes, a few challenges fitness 30 days, how fashionable they are. With these challenges you'll be able to boast of a flat stomach and an abdomen that is toned.

In these routines you'll be able to find challenges of iron abdominal, crunch, or both together, in addition to of a routine of a GAP in the tonificarás in addition the buttocks and legs. If you need more ideas, here are 3 exercises for your abs.