10 tips to not to abandon the gym

You have finally managed to sign up to the gym, well. Now you need some motivation to be able to maintain the constancy. These 10 tips for not abandoning the gym can help you achieve your goals and get that body 10.

10 tips to not to abandon the gym

1. Look for something you like

Find an activity that you like enough to not give up, choose an activity that you like.

The choice of the activity supposes the 50% of possibilities of success. What motivates you is that closer to the time to go to the gym and you want to go. You want to re-listen to that song, want to dance, or do squats, whatever. You currently have schedules very full, with a great variety of activities in all gyms. Activities such as Zumba Fitness are getting to move millions of people around the world, and they are looking forward to the hour of going to the gym.

2. Is with someone

Join the gym with someone. Get to go to the gym is a form of “forced” to leave home.

"It's cold, it rains, the better I stay at home." If you've been with a friend to go to the gym, and that friend is waiting for you, it is easier to motivate yourself to leave the house. All of us lazy to go out some days...

3. Don't machaques the first day

To give you a “beating” on the first day only will be discouraged. Begins slowly.

Constantly I see people who are pointing motivadísima, will on the first day with all the enthusiasm in the world (maybe too many), and pastes the beating of his life. The chances of that person again, sometimes are very low. You're not going to gain anything by doing this, it begins slowly. If the first day you machacas too, and the next day you can't even move, you have no desire to return.

Speak with the monitors, coméntales that is your first day, you will help.

4. Set realistic goals

Ponte attainable goals, the objectives encompass little by little.

Do you want to lose 10 pounds in a week? Sorry to say that is not possible. Set realistic goals, good results, that last, are slow in coming, the process of losing weight is slow, must be done well. Do you want to do 200 crunches? Do you have a wasp waist? Do you end up with the cellulite? Little by little, check point 3, do not overdo at the beginning.

Nor can you propose to have a "tablet" of abdominal the first month, for many plates or crunch that you do.

5. Display the result

To visualize the result that you want to obtain will help you to have more motivation.

When decaigas, think about how you want to be, think about how good you will feel, you will help continue and motivate you.

6. Do not fall into comparisons

Do not compare yourself with other users. Each bears his rhythm. Encompassing your objectives and goals with calm, it will come.

Often I meet people who arrive at a class the first day and was frustrated by compare with the other people attending the class (or the room). Each person carries its own rhythm, each one is a world, if two people do exactly the same thing, it is very possible that the results are NOT the same. In addition to that, thinks that these people carry much more time in training.

The same thing happens with monitors, compare yourself with them ("Is that I'm not going to be so in the life"), you will only get frustrated, they are people who are dedicated to the physical professionally.

7. Learn

Looking for information about the activity that you practice, learn all the secrets.

Learn new movements or steps, you will find information on how to perform the exercises in the most correct way, investigates the origins of that sport you like so much... motivation, motivation...

8. Rests

The rest is just as important as the exercise relája the body, stretches, rests, and sleeps.

Rest, your body will thank you for it, it will be retrieved during the hours of sleep. There are also other ways to relax, such as going to the spa, get a massage or simply a hot bath.

9. Don't get bogged down

Sometimes the results are slow in coming, does not get bogged down, it will come. Don't be discouraged, have patience and be constant, you'll get it.

Are you taking longer than you expected to see results? Do not get bogged down, good things come to those who wait.

10. Give yourself a prize

Get an extra motivation by giving you some “whim” as you achieving your goals.

Have you achieved any of the goals (realistic) that you had since? Premiaté! But eye! If your goal is to lose weight, you do not rewards with a great spread of food.

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